Handing Over the Brand: Atomicdust Helps Propper Debut a New Catalog

Handing Over the Brand: Atomicdust Helps Propper Debut a New Catalog

Brands don’t live in strategy documents. Even a brand that’s crystal clear on paper can get cloudy if it isn’t carefully translated to real marketing materials.

That’s why we were happy to give the in-house team at Propper the tools they needed to assemble their 2015 full-line catalog – a major piece of collateral that would introduce the world to the company’s new identity.

Atomicdust refreshed the Propper brand last year as the company moved their tactical gear in a more commercial direction. To help Propper as they reintroduced the brand to the market, we created detailed recommendations around language, graphic elements, typography, color and photography – all designed to reinforce the new “Right to the Core” promise. To keep the brand consistent across every piece of collateral, we created templates for a variety of catalog layouts, posters, sell sheets, print ads and more.


During a brand refresh, there’s overwhelming pressure to throw away anything “old,” particularly photography. In Propper’s case, a clean sweep wasn’t necessary. We sorted through existing photography assets, helping the team decide which images were still in line with the evolved look and feel. This minimized the time needed to create new product and lifestyle images. We also helped revise more than 200 existing product descriptions.

After we provided a guidelines training session to Propper’s marketing and design teams, they were more than ready to create their catalog. Propper used the layout templates, improved descriptions and a few new headlines to compile 80 amazing pages of products. Once the files were ready, we confirmed that everything was in line with the recommendations.


We think the catalog is outstanding (awesome job, Propper team!), and we’re glad to know that the company is confidently moving forward with the new brand. Even though we didn’t make the catalog itself, we’re pretty proud of it. It represents the most important thing we can do for a client: provide them with the structure and support they need to share their identity with the world.

Check back soon to see more of our work for Propper, including new tags and packaging.

Jazzy Danziger

As a senior copywriter at Atomicdust, Jazzy is dedicated to crafting compelling strategies and stories for brands and their audiences.

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