New Year, New Goals: Our Resolutions for 2020

New Year, New Goals: Our Resolutions for 2020

New year, new decade, new goals. The Atomicdust team has a lot of things we want to accomplish this year, so we’re sharing our resolutions for what we want to learn, try and do in 2020. Make sure to let us know your goals for the year in the comments or on social media!


Rose LinharesRosie, Senior Designer

This year I want to seek out projects that make me uncomfortable or that I’ve never done before. I have a lot of web design experience, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of staying in my digital comfort zone. But since joining Atomicdust, I’ve worked on so many different types of projects—interior design, merch, packaging. This time last year I never would have thought I’d be making cookie packaging or designing a giant warehouse interior. I’d love to keep pushing myself creatively because amazing work comes from learning new things—and makes me a well-rounded designer!


Bill, designer at AtomicdustBill, Designer

I want to keep working on my photography in 2020. I’ve been eyeing the Masterclass taught by photographer Annie Liebovitz, The Art of Photography. Hopefully I can make time to take it.



Wesley-Hastings-Senior-Account-ManagerWes, Senior Account Manager

As an account manager, I want to continue to grow my network and my relationships with my clients. If there’s one thing 2019 taught me, it’s that you can never know or befriend too many people, especially in the same professional space.

A personal goal of mine is to continue to refine my daily routine. Early morning is my favorite time to focus and think, when it’s quiet and the city is still asleep. Sipping coffee, listening to talk radio, reading and exercising are my favorite ways to spend time before work, and I intend to do all of those things more in 2020, as they elevate my level of energy and focus for the entire day.


Beth, senior designer at AtomicdustBeth, Senior Designer

I think Instagram will surpass YouTube at some point in terms of business use, so in 2020 I want to learn more about Instagram’s product roadmap and where the platform is headed.



Steph, designer at AtomicdustSteph, Designer

I want to go to a design conference and create a new portfolio site using Readymag. On a more personal side, I want to buy a sewing machine and start making my own clothes.



Rich, Senior Copywriter at AtomicdustRich, Senior Copywriter

Last year, I had the chance to take a public speaking and presentations course. I certainly still have a lot of work to do in this regard, so in 2020 I’m pledging to get “out there” and improve even more, including one event that’s already in the works. As a lifelong introvert this is terrifying, but it’s also thrilling.


Blaise Hart-Schmidt - Digital Marketing ManagerBlaise, Digital Marketing Manager

It might sound strange, but in 2020 I want to try things I’m really bad at. I recently started taking a Zumba class at my gym and I’m utterly terrible, almost devoid of rhythm. But there’s something freeing about doing something just for fun, without caring about how well I do. I want to get more comfortable being bad at things so I can take more risks in work and life.


Alex Linek – Web DeveloperAlex, Developer

Last year I moved to Boston and became a remote employee at Atomicdust. As I settle in, I’m hoping to go to a local AIGA meeting or dev Meetup here to get to know some Bostonian creatives.



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Blaise Hart-Schmidt

Blaise Hart-Schmidt

Blaise’s path to digital marketing began in journalism and took a detour through public relations.

Passionate about storytelling in any medium, her experience with writing, design, strategy and digital marketing combine to help clients build strong marketing plans.

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