What You’re Reading: Top Five Blog Posts of 2014

What You’re Reading: Top Five Blog Posts of 2014

We’re often telling clients how important it is to create content for their websites – and in 2014, we took some of our own advice.

Last year, we created more content for our own website than ever before. We shared new work. We created marketing guides. We built a library of downloadable wallpapers. And right here on our blog, we wrote articles sharing our expertise on marketing, design and social media.

You can expect even more from us in the coming year, but first, let’s take a look back at some of your favorite blog posts from 2014:

Rethinking The Professional Services Website
Professional services firms often struggle with their own branding and digital marketing. Typically, it’s because the services they offer are so similar to their competition, there’s no real platform or defined difference to create anything concrete. It’s sometimes difficult to tell them apart.

In this post, Atomicdust Creative Director Mike Spakowski offers a helpful perspective on what you should consider as you build your professional service firm’s website to help you stand out from the competition and generate leads.

Should My Brand Use Google+?
Many brands are still overlooking the significance of Google+, despite its status as one of the top five most popular social networks at more than 540 million active monthly users. Last year, Online Marketing Manager Tara Nesbitt said that 2014 is the year you should consider adding Google+ to your marketing mix. If you still haven’t taken her advice, this article is a must read.

Building the Framework for Real-Time Marketing
Developing a strong social media and content strategy isn’t about coming up with each blog post, tweet or Facebook update. Rather, you need to be flexible to account for current events, news and other changes that may come your way.

Learn more about the components Atomicdust uses to build a foundation that will drive future content decisions – a strategy for real-time marketing.

Atomicdust on “What is SEO?”
Our clients often ask us about our approach to SEO, or search engine optimization. Of course, there are general best practices about title tags, meta data length and more – but those are just the basics. Since we’re not specifically an SEO agency, what is SEO at Atomicdust?

In this post, Copywriter Ken Earley walks through the three-step approach we use to create websites that are optimized for search.

Getting Buy-in on Corporate Branding
Branding is all about aligning vision and strategy among people who may have different ideas about the “right” or “wrong” direction. Because of this, getting buy-in from the internal team can sometimes be an uphill battle. These simple steps from Creative Director Mike Spakowski can help smooth out the process for creative agencies and clients alike.


Thanks for reading in 2014! We look forward to sharing even more insight on marketing, design and social media in the coming year. Make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter and are following us on social media for the latest from Atomicdust.

Danielle Hohmeier

As Senior Marketing Manager at Atomicdust, Danielle Hohmeier develops focused and effective social media and content marketing strategies for clients. This includes identifying the audiences, appropriate channels and key content categories, and finding SEO and SEM opportunities.

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