A Web Design Revamp to Match the Real EDC

A Web Design Revamp to Match the Real EDC

Sometimes, I like to think of my job like a magic mirror.

Companies come to Atomicdust wanting to change how people see them. Their brand seems dated, or not professional enough, not cool enough, not clear enough, not fill-in-the-blank enough.

A graphic with the quote "Good branding is like a magic mirror: it transforms a company into the best version of itself."

And like a magic mirror, we get to show them what they could be, and then make it happen—we get to turn companies into the best versions of themselves.

It’s what we recently did for EDC Communications, and, in a different way, it’s actually what EDC does for their clients too.


Helping Speakers Find their Voice

EDC works with business professionals and physicians to help them become more effective speakers. Through customized coaching and workshops, EDC’s clients learn how to build confidence, simplify complex content and engage audiences.

You know that proverb, “The cobbler’s kids have no shoes”? Or “The plumber has leaky pipes”?

It refers to the phenomenon of how sometimes, people are so busy and focused on executing their craft for others, that they don’t benefit from the same service.

EDC's previous website
EDC is dedicated to teaching clients how to present themselves in the best light, so audiences see them as engaging and trustworthy. But the company’s website wasn’t doing the same thing—communicating to visitors how effective and modern EDC is.

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The site felt bogged down with too much copy (way more copy than any visitor would spend time reading) and looked a little dark and dated. And now that many companies were working remotely and in-person events were off the table, EDC needed to communicate its ability to lead trainings and coaching virtually.

There was just one catch.


Building on the Foundation

EDC already had an existing WordPress theme and builder in place, and as a growing company, the team didn’t want to start from scratch.

Screenshot of building the B2B website in WordPress
That meant we needed to restructure the site for a better user experience and update the copy and design to be more welcoming and digestible for visitors—all while using the framework that was already in place.


A Website That Works

We took a page from EDC’s speaker training book and outlined the site to be more engaging for the listener—or, in this case, the visitor.

The updated brand identity for EDC's website design

With fresh copy and a brighter color palette, we mocked up the homepage within the confines of the WordPress theme. Shifting the focus from EDC to their audience, the navigation is divided into audiences and how EDC can benefit each.

Mockups in Sketch of EDC's B2B website design
Atomicdust team members discuss the EDC website on a video call
Immediately, the brand felt more inviting. We started building the site as we went, designing and building the pages simultaneously.

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EDC has great content to support lead generation, but it had all been kept in the resource section of their old site. We paired their downloadable PDFs and videos with the appropriate content throughout the website, calling attention to the pieces and adding forms to capture visitors’ contact information.

EDC's B2B website on an iPad
Pages of EDC's B2B website establish credibility and share thought leadership
We also shone a spotlight on EDC’s newsletter signup and elevated client testimonials to make it more likely for a user to read them as they traveled throughout the site.


A Whole New World

Brighter, fresher and with a cleaner user experience that guides visitors to find the information they’re looking for, the new site reflects some of the speaking strategies EDC teaches its clients: using simple and memorable messaging, focusing on its audiences’ goals and pain points, and providing value whenever possible.

Most of all, we made a website that better represents EDC—matching who they are and how they help clients, showing visitors the best (and truest) version of the brand.

No magic mirror necessary.



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Beth Bennett

Beth Bennett has been a designer at Atomicdust since 2011, working with brands to create effective websites, captivating designs and seamless user experiences. And she does it all while wrangling her two energetic sons, a coffee mug balanced in her other hand.

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