Atomicdust Helps Stratos Launch Bold New Product

Atomicdust Helps Stratos Launch Bold New Product

We’ve been keeping a secret from you. Over the past several months, we’ve been working on an exciting branding and website project for a brand-new product anyone could use every day.


And we’re proud to announce the product – and the cool website we designed – launched in early March 2015 at

First, a little background: Stratos calls their product a Bluetooth Connected Card. It’s the same size and shape as a traditional credit card and has a magnetic stripe on the back – but the similarities end there.


Using the accompanying reader and smartphone app, you load all of your credit, debit, loyalty and gift cards onto the Stratos Card. Then you use the Stratos just as you would any of your other cards – in stores, ATMs, gas pumps and more.

When you’re talking about a new product in a new product category, it’s easy to get bogged down in long feature lists. It’s second nature to suggest comparisons to the more visible competition. We helped Stratos avoid this temptation, translating features into clear benefits for a more meaningful message.


Our first step for Stratos was to help them create a teaser site that would generate buzz and allow them to gather email addresses. We built a simple site that made a bold promise: It’s your world. One Stratos card holds it all.

Eye-catching, full-screen photos showed real-world applications for the Stratos technology, while leaving just enough mystery for the final launch this week. StratosWeb_cards2

As we worked in secret with the Stratos team on the full website, we kept in mind the most basic of advertising principles: make the product the hero. We shot photos and video of the Stratos cards in real-world situations: restaurants, bars, parking lots and more.


Our goal was to help visitors instantly see how the Stratos card can make their lives better. Or, as we’ve promised on the website, how it can “Simplify your wallet.”

Of course, most consumer-focused websites are all about driving sales, and the Stratos site is no exception. We made the product easy to buy, right from the homepage – all while underscoring its key advantages.

We worked with Stratos on the branding and messaging, as well as the designs for the website, banner ads and other launch materials. Their team handled development of the site.

EmailsOur friends at Stratos promise the release of their Bluetooth Connected Card is just the beginning. We’re excited to see what’s next.

Click here to see more of our work for Stratos.


Rich Heend

Rich Heend

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