Introducing Anew: Branding and Web Design for a New Event Space

Introducing Anew: Branding and Web Design for a New Event Space

Early this summer, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri came to us with an interesting challenge: They were opening a new event space atop their regional headquarters in St. Louis. And they needed a name and a website to get bookings started.

We’re proud to say the new website for the facility – called Anew – launched this week. Check it out – and then come back to read at least part of the story of how it all came to be.

As you can see, it’s actually much more than an a place for meetings, receptions and parties. It’s two spaces: one, a rooftop event venue, and two, a streetside test kitchen, where chefs can share new ideas and concepts with the public.

We had an extended series of conversations with the client, talking about the two spaces, the vibe, the feeling and most of all, how to get people to see them as one.

And it came down to this: it’s all about bringing people together for a shared experience. It’s a place that could be fun, casual, elegant or formal. It’s a place for people to try something new and start new conversations.

That’s the idea behind the name, Anew. Every time you visit, it could be different. A different restaurant featured in the test kitchen. A different event on the top floor. A different chance for a new experience.


For the logo, we imagined pieces coming together – creating a stately, classic “A” that echoes the surrounding architecture, against a modern, sans serif wordmark that reflects the modern design of the spaces themselves.

Moving on to the website, we took this idea of new experiences spread across two distinct spaces – and used it to create one cohesive, immersive brand. The simple, introductory website gives each spaces equal weight while allowing each to shine on its own.


Speaking of bringing people together, this was very much a collaborative project. There was, of course, the team from Big Brothers Big Sisters. They were joined by Jassen Johnson of Renaissance Development Associates and Corey Smale, of Strange Donuts and Good Fortune fame, who will be serving as the creative director for Anew.

Stay tuned for more. We’re excited to see what our client – and the entire community – create next in this exciting new space. And if you’re planning an event this fall, consider Anew.

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