Building Connections at Washington University School of Medicine

Building Connections at Washington University School of Medicine

If you’ve driven in the Central West End of St. Louis lately, you’ve probably noticed a lot of construction at the area’s hospitals and medical centers – and that includes changes coming to Washington University School of Medicine.

From a brand new 12-story building to renovations of existing cafeterias, there’s a lot going on at the Washington University School of Medicine campus, and they turned to Atomicdust to help keep visitors, students, faculty and staff up to date.

So, we went back to school. Literally. We held our kick-off meeting in one of the campus classrooms and took a quick tour to see the renovations for ourselves. And it didn’t take long for us to understand their need to share information and updates.

After years of careful planning, nearly every corner of the campus is under construction. In addition to a growing number of orange cones and hard hats on campus, departments are changing locations, parking is moving – there’s a lot of change going on.


The team at Washington University wanted to a series of banners to provide quick snapshots of what was going outside, but we all knew it was much more than that. When it comes down to it, every crane, bulldozer and dump truck is there to build a better, more connected campus. With that spirit in mind, “Building Campus Connections” became our unifying theme.


As we were working, we thought of all the students, faculty, patients and visitors that would see these banners. Thousands visit the area each day. We kept asking ourselves, if someone walking by only glances at it, what’s the one thing we’d like them to remember?

Most of all, we wanted people to walk away with their biggest questions answered. So we focused on the key facts: project timelines, openings, closings and what the final changes mean for the campus. Paired with architectural-style drawings and a map of each construction site, the banners help passersby imagine what campus will be like over the coming years.


Together, each banner provides an exciting look at what’s going on across campus and behind the scenes. It’s a bright, bold declaration of how the Washington University School of Medicine team is pushing healthcare forward in St. Louis.

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