A Digital Campaign Drives Better Life Fans to Target

A Digital Campaign Drives Better Life Fans to Target

Last year, the team at Atomicdust was thrilled to rebrand and redesign Better Life’s packaging in time for the brand’s test run at Target. The redesign was well received on social media, but, of course, the proof is in the purchases.

This spring, Target challenged Better Life to prove that the brand could stand out long-term on the retailer’s exquisitely curated shelves. As we worked with Better Life to develop a strategy, one thing was clear from the start: driving engagement on social media is one thing. Using social to push people to make a purchase at a physical location is another.


So how did we drive fans to Target – and inspire them to buy Better Life while there? With a classic sweepstakes. Between March and May, Better Life fans and followers were invited to take a photo of the special seasonal Better Life display at their nearest Target. By posting their photo to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #BetterLifeLovesTarget, participants were automatically entered to win an impressive prize package: a $500 Target gift card, a Better Life No Dirt Left Behind Kit, and a gift basket filled with Better Life’s favorite natural products.

There was no obligation to make a purchase, but we sweetened the deal by providing a $1 off coupon.


The sweepstakes was essentially the first big promotion to use Better Life’s fresh new visual style. Because the new branding is right in line with Target’s own look – bold, bright and irreverent – our visuals presented Better Life as a natural extension of the fun, friendly lifestyle the Target brand embodies. From the landing page, to social graphics, to the name of the contest itself, we weren’t just promoting products, but the fresh energy of the Better Life brand.

We promoted the sweepstakes using Better Life’s social media channels, targeted emails and a landing page. As fans made their way to Target and began to post, the hashtag gained traction, and the sweepstakes (and the brand) found its way to new customers.


After three months and countless tweets, photos and purchases, Better Life selected a lucky grand prize winner.

And then the brand had a win of its own. The promotion was so successful at driving sales that Target granted Better Life a permanent spot on their shelves.

We couldn’t be happier for the Better Life team – and for lucky Target shoppers.

Check out our previous work for the brand, or buy a few bottles for yourself at cleanhappens.com.


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