On Culture

I wanted to take a minute to talk about something that is very important to me: culture. Atomicdust and myself were recently featured in an article by the St. Louis Business Journal about millennials, and how companies are attempting to cater to… Read More

August 2015 Marketing and Design Events

It’s August. The sun is shining, the humidity is unbearable, and St. Louis is filled with events for marketing and creative professionals. From networking events to award shows, these are your chances to network and get some inspiration. Check out… Read More

The Tale of Business Prom

The best ideas start in hotel bars. At least, that’s where the idea for Business Prom was born. A few years ago, Mike, Jesse, Erika and I were in Philadelphia meeting with clients for a few days, and spending a… Read More

Good Design is Ruining the Internet

When people complain about education today, they usually accuse teachers of “only teaching the test.” As I evolve into a bitter old man, I feel that with the popularity of some design patterns and frameworks, today’s web designers are only… Read More

July 2015 Marketing and Design Events

With summer now in full swing, we’ve got plenty of happy hours, conferences and luncheons to fill those long, sunny days. Check out some of our favorite events coming up for marketing and design professionals in St. Louis in July:… Read More